Coney Island, Singapore

Ever heard of Coney Island? No, not the one in New York! Its in Singapore! Coney Island first opens its green gates to citizens sometime back last year in Punggol. Also known as Pulau Serangoon, this island has amazing greenery. As soon as i stepped in, it felt like a whole other country. The trees were different from the common ones we have at the roadside and you can hear (or maybe spot) different types of bird across this little island.
Coney Island is like a breathe of fresh air for the citizens here and i truly enjoyed my cycling trip from Tampines to Punggol. If you have more time in Singapore, go down to Punggol Waterway and cycle your way towards Coney Island. Its a whole different experience riding through the concrete town towards nature. Entrance is free with opening hours not unless you want to get murdered in there! For more information, you can find out on their official website here. Safe Travels x

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  1. thanks for the information.ausome facts about coney island singapore. i like to know more about these type of places.

  2. I am a traveler and i love to visiting amazing places. So the most amazing and adventitious i visited was maldive museum


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