DIY Flower Headband

Remember that flower headband post that i feature on my Tumblr Dose? I finally made a DIY of it. It super simple, easy and cheap! Also,by making your own ones, you can make it really unique for yourself

Things you need : Flower Garland, floral wires| floral/vinyl tape | Scissors
 001. Cut the leaves out if you don't fancy them.
002.  Measure your head with the garland and cut to your desired length.
003. Use the wire tape to combine each ends and tape it to make it a headband.
004.  Use the floral/vinyl tape to add more flowers on the headband. Use the flowers from the leftover that had been cut and to cover the wires.

I don't think the headband is doing much justice on the photo above. Maybe i will try to take another shot of it for you! ALSO, i will give this headband away soon so stick around for that! With 4 easy steps, you can make your own floral headband and its so simple. I truly enjoy choosing the colors of the flower i want. Have you try them?

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13 Wanderluster:

  1. sooo cool!
    i like the colors!

  2. Whoa. :)

    Looks so easy to make. I think I can pull that off..

  3. it's such great DYI! <3

  4. thanks for the post, i'll try to do the same)
    Love your blog!Hope you'll love mine and follow me back)


  5. cute! love flower headbands :) They give such an ethereal and fairy like aura to any outfit!

    Givenchy Jewelry Giveaway on my blog!

  6. Soo pretty, I'd love to make one! When I do I'll probably wear it way too much :)

  7. What a pretty headband garland! I made one a few years ago for the renfest. I will be wearing it this weekend!

  8. That is amaze balls love it


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